Recently Completed Lumber Loads

Or, I should say “nearly” completed as they still need the guiderail boards added along the bottom sides (attached to the tops of the floor risers and holding the bottom row of bundles in place laterally in the real load). But I’m currently out of 2×6 strip.





Lecours Lumber:


Freight Car Friday #51 – NOKL 732348

An innovation in the 1970s was the design and development of the centre-divided bulkhead flatcar for the shipping of lumber. Designed with a central truss structure that both strengthened the car and supported the load without the need for additional stabilization in the load and equipped with built in ratchets and tie down cables to eliminate a lot of strapping and with or without deck risers for the first row of packaged lumber bundles. This made it much easier to load packaged and bundled lumber as bundles no longer needed to be staggered in order to create a solid and secure load and a lot of waste generated in the form of strapping and blocking material is prevented.


NOKL 732348 was photographed on July 16, 2015 at Hearst (Wyborn siding) with a load of lumber from Lecours Lumber in Calstock, Ontario. Leased flatcars with the reporting marks of shortline Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad (actually a mark used by cars leased to various railways by First Union) are among the most commonly seen in this service, and these blue painted cars in the series NOKL 732300-732349 and 733050-733099 (built by National Steel Car in 2000 and 1998 respectively) are specifically leased to Ontario Northland. Brown painted NOKL 734500-734599 – built by NSC in 2004 – also seems to be a series exclusively seen in ONR service in addition to Ontario Northland’s own ONT 4100-4149 series, built by NSC in 1997.

Series Builder Date
ONT 4100-4149 NSC 1997
NOKL 732300-732349 NSC 2000
NOKL 733050-733099 NSC 1998
NOKL 734500-734599 NSC 2004

Additionally, CN provides some cars for loading in the area, in various family reporting marks (CN, IC, WC, BCOL, etc.) and a few other NOKL groups.

Another Round of Lumber Wrap Graphics

A few more printable graphics for older northern Ontario area mills.

Dubreuil Forest Products (Dubreuilville, ON) – ~1989-1995
PDF | XLSX – (based on a glimpse from a video, so may not be exact)

Dubreuil Forest Products (Dubreuilville, ON) – ~1999-2007
PDF | XLSXPrototype

Lecours Lumber (Calstock, ON) – ~1999
PDF | XLSXPrototype

Malette Timber (Hearst, ON) – ~1989-1997 (now Tembec)
PDF | XLSXPrototype

E.B. Eddy Forest Products – ~1980s (now Domtar)
PDF | XLSX – Prototype

Scierie Landrienne Inc. (Landrienne, QC) – ~2013
PDF | XLSXPrototype

See also the previous post, here.

A few more lumber wrap graphics

I did some playing around this evening with downloading some company logos and making a few more variations on lumber wrap graphics. Some of these are modern, some a few years old. Most aren’t necessarily applicable to what I’m doing with the Algoma Central, but a couple of these were pretty easy to do with logos taken from online.

I used Excel this time to create a template worksheet to consistently line everything up to the millimeter for printing. These also include marks for cutting the edge of the wrapper, particularly as some of the wraps have some white space around the edges.

As my posts on the Newaygo load have generated a significant amount of interest I’m sharing the printable PDF files for each one here.

Newaygo Forest Products (Mead, ON) – 1974-1984 Reprint PDF – Prototype

Tembec – up to 2012 PDF Prototype

Tembec – 2012+ PDF – Prototype

Lecours Lumber (Calstock, ON) – Current PDF – Prototype

Interfor (International Forest Products) – Current (Style 1) PDF – Prototype

Interfor (International Forest Products) – Current (Style 2) PDF – Prototype

TOLKO – ~1990 PDFPrototype

Blank Excel Template – XLSX

(These are of course all sized for HO scale.)