ACR Decals

Black Cat Decals


Item Number Scale Description Approx. Era
ACR8336 HO ‘Ortner’ Hoppers 1974-1998
ACR8336-N N ‘Ortner’ Hoppers 1974-1998
ACRPASS HO Passenger Cars 1955-1998

Comments: Screen printed.

Set ACRPASS will do any car in either the 1955-1974 maroon and grey scheme or the 1974-1998 silver scheme (including bear tracks and Agawa Canyon Tour lettering) and includes all private car names and three variations of the railway name for different car configurations.

Set ACR8336 also includes extra markings for post-1995 WC/SSAM renumbered cars.

Each set will complete one car, except the passenger set may do up to three cars with different versions of the railway name lettering.

Precision Design Co.


Item Number Scale Description Approx. Era
HO Diesel Locomotives 1952-1998
HO ‘Ortner’ Hoppers 1974-1998
HO Woodchip Gondolas 1974-1985
HO 52′ Coil Steel Gondolas 1962-2002
HO 61′ Bulkhead Gondolas 1965-

Comments: All sets do two cars or engines. If you’re looking for other scales than HO, do not hesitate to contact this seller, he will happily resize the set to another scale!



Item Number Scale Description Approx. Era
MC-4187 HO FP9 Diesels 1995-2002
60-4187 N FP9 Diesels 1995-2002


Highball Graphics


Item Number Scale Description Approx. Era
F-306 HO ACR Cabooses 1970-1995
FN-306 N ACR Cabooses 1970-1995
P-125 HO Passenger Cars 1974-1998
PN-125 N Passenger Cars 1974-1998
P-126 HO Passenger Cars 1992-2010
PN-126 N Passenger Cars 1992-2010

Comments: Sets are printed on ALPS printer, which will affect some colour rendering.

Set P-125 is similar to Black Cat’s ACRPASS set but will only do cars in the 1974-1995 silver scheme. Does not have yellow versions of car numbers/names/types or Agawa-Canyon-Tour text.

Set P-126 will do any car in the 1990s stripe scheme, including dome “Algoma Country” in its re-lettered Algoma Central lettering (was originally decorated with the Wisconsin Central name and logo) and camp car “Canyon View”.

CDS Lettering

The CDS Lettering line is now owned and produced by Ozark Miniatures:

These are dry transfer sets as opposed to water-slide decals.

Item Number Scale Description Approx. Era
20-39 N 48-52′ Gondola 1958-2000
20-103 N 40′ Steel Box (2901) 1952-1985
20-397 N Wood Caboose 1970-1990
20-401 N 40′ Wood Box 1929-1980
20-587 N 61′ Woodchip Car 1974-1985
21-39 HO 48-52′ Gondola 1958-2000
21-103 HO 40′ Steel Box (2901) 1952-1985
21-397 HO Wood Caboose 1970-1990
21-401 HO 40′ Wood Box 1929-1980
21-587 HO 61′ Woodchip Car 1974-1985
22-39 O 48-52′ Gondola 1958-2000
22-103 O 40′ Steel Box (2901) 1952-1985
22-397 O Wood Caboose 1970-1990
22-401 O 40′ Wood Box 1929-1980
22-587 O 61′ Woodchip Car 1974-1985
23-39 S 48-52′ Gondola 1958-2000
23-103 S 40′ Steel Box (2901) 1952-1985
23-397 S Wood Caboose 1970-1990
23-401 S 40′ Wood Box 1929-1980
23-587 S 61′ Woodchip Car 1974-1985

Comments: The original CDS item numbers were in the format ‘HO-39′; the current items numbers shown on the website have the scale designation replaced with a numeric designator (e.g. ’21-39’), but the number following the dash remains the same as the original CDS catalogs.

Champ Decals

Item Number Scale Description Approx. Era
HN-140 HO Algoma Central road name set  ~1920-1950

Comments: Out of production. Road name set contains reporting marks, numbers, road name and logo only. No car data. Logo has red borders and appropriate for ~1947-era gondolas, block road name for ~1929 wood boxcars.

Herald King


Item Number Scale Description Approx. Era
L-1910 HO ACR Locomotives 1952-1995

Comments: Availability unknown. Herald King was out of business for quite a number of years but was apparently resurrected a few years ago. I haven’t dealt with the ‘new’ HK, and I’m not sure if they are actually producing new sets or just new owners that acquired the catalog and existing old stock. Not sure if the ACR set is currently in stock or not. Their “temporarily out of stock” list on their web page was last updated in 2009.

Sylvan Scale Models

Item Number Scale Description Approx. Era
HO AC Caboose 1976-1995
HO AC ‘Ortner’ Hopper 1974-1998

Comments: All sets long out of production.

Walthers Decals

Item Number Scale Description Approx. Era
HO ACR Steam Locomotives
HO ACR Diesels 1952-1995
HO AC Passenger Cars
HO AC Freight (General)

Comments: Very old, long out of production. Terrible accuracy. Freight and passenger sets are very generic and not remotely accurate. Lettering size and style in passenger set aren’t even close. Freight set basically consists of generic data and some assorted heralds. Listing here just for informational purposes only.

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