Another Round of Lumber Wrap Graphics

A few more printable graphics for older northern Ontario area mills.

Dubreuil Forest Products (Dubreuilville, ON) – ~1989-1995
PDF | XLSX – (based on a glimpse from a video, so may not be exact)

Dubreuil Forest Products (Dubreuilville, ON) – ~1999-2007
PDF | XLSXPrototype

Lecours Lumber (Calstock, ON) – ~1999
PDF | XLSXPrototype

Malette Timber (Hearst, ON) – ~1989-1997 (now Tembec)
PDF | XLSXPrototype

E.B. Eddy Forest Products – ~1980s (now Domtar)
PDF | XLSX – Prototype

Scierie Landrienne Inc. (Landrienne, QC) – ~2013
PDF | XLSXPrototype

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2 thoughts on “Another Round of Lumber Wrap Graphics

  1. Chris, I’m really enjoying seeing the work you’re doing with the lumber graphics. You’re having “Fun with Trains”, and I’m loving it.

    Springdale, Arkansas, USA

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