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8 thoughts on “Operations

  1. A friend of mine is modeling the Algoma Central as well. Your site provided us with much helpful information. Thanks for that!
    I’m modeling the Piedmont sub in N scale which appeared in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of N=Scale.

    Mac West

    • Thanks Mac. If my site helps someone else working on the same thing, or generates some interesting discussion, or turns up additional information in some way, then it’s fulfilled it’s purpose. Hopefully this series will be useful.

  2. I model in o scale. 2 rail. I live in herbert Saskatchewan.

    ACR had distinct gondolars. The bulk head ones. When were they built and used on the railway? I model the 50s.

    • Ian, the sixty foot bulkhead gons were built in four batches between 1964-1967.

      During the 1950s the commonly seen AC cars would have been the 48′ cars built in 1947 and the home built 40′ gons converted from flatcars around the same time.

      The first of the 52′ gons with the “modern” billboard lettering were built in 1958, and some of the 48′ cars started to get repainted from their original paint into a similar paint scheme around the same time.

    • No, the cars with bulkhead ends were the 61′ cars built in 1964-67. The previous 48′ and 52′ gondolas built in the late 1940s and 1950s respectively were all standard cars with drop ends.

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