Searchmont and Bellevue Bridge Detail Photos

Conversing with Blair Smith – another ACR fan and modeller – recently, he sent me this link to an information page with a gallery including many high-quality detail shots of the truss bridge over the Goulais River at Searchmont. This crossing is located just to the south and in sight of Searchmont station, and alongside the main road into town.

Searchmont Railway Bridge

Plenty of excellent details for anyone interested in modelling the ACR at Searchmont.

A little bit of searching on the same site also brings up a page for the trestle bridge over the Bellevue valley just over 10 miles to the south of Searchmont, again with an excellent set of detail photos.

Bellevue Valley Railway Bridge

Andrew Castle’s GBW 901 Dome Car (“Algoma Country”)

Here’s a link to a really great and well-illustrated article by Andrew Castle about how he modelled GBW 901, Wisconsin Central/Algoma Central’s dome coach “Algoma Country”.

Andrew Castle’s GBW 901 Article on

This car was transferred to the Algoma Central in 1997 (post-WC ownership) and repainted in the AC colours of the time and given the car name “Algoma Country”. At first the car was lettered with the Wisconsin Central name and logo, but in the Algoma Central bear passenger colours. Sometime after 2000, the WC name and shield were removed and the Algoma Central name applied. This dome car saw regular service on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train until the mid 2000s.

Interesting Blog Link about Dubreuil Lumber

While trolling around on the internet I came across this interesting blog posting offering a bit of a retrospective on Dubreuil Brothers Lumber, written by an individual whose father drove transport trucks for this company during the 1970s and ’80s:

Memories of the Dubreuil Brothers

While not directly related to modelling, it provides an interesting personal look at this company, and includes a little bit of history of the operation.

Hawk Junction postscript

Chris Wilson posted this great pic taken on August 20 to of some action at Hawk Junction:

A nice flurry of action at this quiet station, the southbound passenger train, and southbound and northbound local freight trains are all at Hawk Junction at the same time.

The CN 5379 is the same unit that was set out by the train I shot on July 14.

One thing that I’ve been corrected on is that the freight trains are apparently daily; I had been led to believe a few years ago that these too had been reduced to only a three times a week¬†service. Apparently this is not [or simply no longer?] the case.