Early Samples of Bowser’s HO Scale Canadian SD40-2 Displayed

This week Bowser posted photos on their website (and also emailed out to various contacts) of pre-production sample models of 11 different variations of their upcoming Canadian SD40-2 HO scale model.

All of the models are patterned after the versions built by General Motors Diesel Division in London, ON and represent the distinctly Canadian features that were unique to units built in Canada (vertical style ladder steps and modified handrails to match) and typical to Canadian railways (headlight in nose, cab front bell, class lights in single or 3-light groups above the number boards, single rear back-up headlight on most versions, railroad specific plow/pilot and ditch light configurations, snowshields (on certain versions) etc.).

Railways and versions represented by the 11 variants include Canadian Pacific (multiple variants), British Columbia Railway (at least 2 versions), Ontario Northland (non-dynamic brake), Quebec, North Shore & Labrador (with extra large fuel tank) and last but not least, Algoma Central. (I foresee an order for six units in my future…)


Pre-production sample, HO scale Algoma Central SD40-2. Bowser Manufacturing Company model and photo.

This appears to be the AC version, with a pair of CP versions in the background. (Specific features: single class lights on numberboards, snow plow, RR-specific M.U. electrical connection stands, pilot lift rings, pilot mounted ditch lights, snowshields, flat-top radiator and dynamic brake fans, electrical contact access doors on side of dynamic brake housing, straight turbo exhaust, wire radiator grilles, single rear backup headlight.)

Check out the photos of all 11 versions on Bowser’s web site here:

SD40-2 Page 1
SD40-2 Page 2

4 thoughts on “Early Samples of Bowser’s HO Scale Canadian SD40-2 Displayed

  1. Where did you get your info on the Quebec, North Shore & Labrador and Algoma versions. I don’t see anything posted on their website mentioning them. I also will be interested in a number of Algoma locos. Thanks and have a nice day.

    • Mark: QNSL and AC units haven’t been announced in the first runs, but unofficially it’s been mentioned (by Lee English, Bowser’s owner) that they will do them.

      But don’t take my word for it, just look at the photos carefully. There’s 11 variations represented; more than what are actually listed on the current product page. Take a look at the details on the different variations. The QNSL unit is dead easy to spot due to a number of very unique features (large fuel tank, no air tanks (mounted internal to the body), radiators with exposed shutters, etc.). It’s not yet listed as a current product, but that model can only be a QNSL unit.

      The foreground unit in the photo embedded in the post has all the correct details to be an AC unit.

  2. According to the Bowser rep I talked to at Calgary Supertrain, the QNS&L and AC units will be in the second release. The second release will depend on the success of the first release. So get out there and buy yourself a couple of CP units and a couple of CN units. You need them anyway!

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