Log Truck Cab and Details Painted

Took advantage of a little time to kill Saturday morning to finish up the painting on this guy.


First I masked off the wheels and gave the frame a light misting with ModelFlex “Rust” to weather the frame and soften the start black colour. The cab body was airbrushed with a light green colour I happened to have on hand (in this case, PGE/BCOL Light Green). I think it’s a good colour for a truck.

The details (wheel hubs, headlights, taillights, turn lights, horns, roof lights, etc.) were touched up with a fine paintbrush.

3 thoughts on “Log Truck Cab and Details Painted

  1. Hi Chris,
    Beautiful job on the logging truck! I am looking to get a logging truck similar to this. Can you tell me who the manufacturer is and maybe even the model number?

    • Thanks Tom, this was an old (20+ years ago) resin kit from Walthers that was in their “trees and timber” collection, including paper and lumber mill models and the accompanying book on the forestry industry “Trains, Tracks, and Tall Timber”. I’m not sure I have the original box anymore with part #s, but it was Walthers brand.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for providing the info on the logging truck. I can use it to help me search for one on eBay.


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