Freight Car Friday #17 – AC 238459


AC 238459 at the Steelton yard RIP track on August 19, 2004. This is one of 70 cars from the 2401-2501 series rebuilt in 1998 by Wisconsin Central with side stakes for handling pulpwood. These cars were randomly rebuilt and renumbered in no particular ordering. The colours on this car indicate its British Columbia Railway heritage, so it was previously one of 50 cars numbered AC 2426-2475 which were acquired in 1980 from BCIT 818450-818519 series.

Edit: since this post, I’ve obtained detailed roster and renumbering information for these AC flatcars. This information reveals that this car’s former history is ex-AC 2496 (2495-2501 series), ex-NAFX 53293, ex-CNIS 603519 (603500-603746 series), ex-BCIT unk. (818200-818449 series)

The 2495-2501 series was acquired in late 1994, with 5 of the 7 cars being rebuilt in 1998 to AC 238458-238462.