Freight Car Friday #23 – AC 238446


AC 238446 at Cochrane, Ontario on July 16, 2014, one of 70 cars in series 238400-238469 rebuilt in 1998 from cars in the AC 2401-2501 number range in random order.

The orange paint on this car marks it as having been renumbered from a car in the specific series AC 2476-2494, originally built in 1975 for North American Car Co. (then one of the major car leasing/management companies – now part of GE Rail Services) and acquired by the ACR in 1994, possibly via the CN/CNIS 603400-603424 series.

Freight Car Friday #7 – AC 2476


AC 2476 at Sault Ste. Marie, August 18, 2004. This is one of a group of cars originally built in 1975 for North American Car Co. by Hawker-Siddeley with NAFX reporting marks. These were acquired by the Algoma Central in 1994, and *may* have come via the CN/CNIS 603400-603424 series – which series is also nee-NAFX with the same listed build date, comprises the right amount of cars, and disappears from CN roster listings at approximately the same time.