Freight Car Friday #33 – Iron Ore Hoppers (WC/SSAM)

This posting is a bit of an add-on to last week’s Freight Car Friday.

Mixed in with the leased GATX hoppers featured last week were a number of Wisconsin Central hoppers and even a pair of ex-Ontario Northland AC 8600 series hoppers. This post highlights the various WC series seen. Multiple examples of each series depicted below were seen and photographed, but only one representative will be shown here.


This first car was quite obviously a former Burlington Northern car, built by Bethlehem Steel. From series WC 33000-33199.


This next car represents a series of cars built by Pullman-Standard for Kansas City Power & Light (KCLX). The SSAM reporting marks it now bears are for WC subsidiary Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Co. Series SSAM 33250-33374. At least one of this series was also seen and photographed in my summer 2013 visit.


This second variation of SSAM hopper appears to be a Greenville built car, of unknown origin. (Possibly also ex-KCLX?) Series SSAM 33700-33919.

All three photos August 18, 2004 in Sault Ste. Marie.

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