Searchmont Station Details

This series of photos of Searchmont station was taken on July 13, 2013. The station has certainly seen better days, but at least it still stands for now.


Searchmont station, track (east) side.


Awning over side door on south side of building.


Remains of the bracket and control rods for the former semaphore train order signal in front of the operator’s bay.


Roof rather ends and supports.


Passenger waiting room and baggage room entrance doors on the track side of Searchmont station. A large window in the waiting room has been boarded over.


The rarely photographed rear side of the station.


Grounds and outbuildings behind the station. Note old storage shed hidden in the trees and outhouse at far right. Both smaller structures are painted white with dark green trim.


Old 2-stall outhouse behind Searchmont station.

4 thoughts on “Searchmont Station Details

  1. Love the work so far! do you live in the soo? Email me and let me know, I may see if you can take some high res photos in the fall for me for my back drop! Looking good! I have 205, 201, 188 and 181 coming soon!

    • Thanks Nick.

      I actually live in southern Ontario, not the Sault. I took a railfan vacation through northern Ontario in July, visiting Sault Ste. Marie, Searchmont and Hawk Junction on the former ACR, and then spending a few days on the Ontario Northland. These photos were taken on that trip.

    • I don’t currently have plans to go up again this year; it’s six hours from here to the Soo so it’s not exactly a day trip.

      I enjoyed my Northern Ontario trip and would definitely do it again, but I’m not sure that it’s going to happen this fall.

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