Completed E.B. Eddy Lumber Load

Here’s a completed load for E.B. Eddy Forest Products that I finally finished up this evening. It’s one of a pair of loads that I made to fit a kitbashed CP 51’6″ bulkhead flatcar.


This pair of loads will be used out of the E.B. Eddy sawmill at Nairn featured on the club layout.

I also have a small collection of extra stacks of bundles that will be placed along the backdrop at the mill site as part of the scenery for the mill.

The flatcar itself is one of several cars kitbashed by other members of the club to represent Canadian Pacific’s 51’6″ bulkhead flatcars. It was built from an older MDC/Roundhouse (now Athearn) bulkhead flatcar with a shortened body, shortened bulkheads and altered details.