Freight Car Friday #61 – CN 136559


CN 136559 is a 52’6″ inside length gondola that was built in 1972 by Canadian National’s Point St. Charles shops in Montreal. An overall pretty standard mill gondola, it features drop ends and a wood floor. The design and rib spacing is quite similar to other cars built for CN, CP, British Columbia Railway and Ontario Northland by National Steel Car and Hawker-Siddeley in the late 1960s to early 1970s.

At Hawk Junction July 19, 2017, loaded with steel pipe from Essar Steel.

3 thoughts on “Freight Car Friday #61 – CN 136559

  1. Hi Chris. Was there a rebuilt date in the consolidated stencil? As a pre 7/1/1974 built car, it would otherwise be limited to a forty year life.

    • Well this makes it interesting.

      No rebuilt date, but the COTS stencil seems to read either 2-75 or 3-75….

      But Ian Cranstone’s roster information says 136500-136599 was built by Point St. Charles shops between 1- and 2-72, and in the ORER listings beginning in the July 1972 edition.

      I suspect the COTS on this car may have been incorrectly stencilled when the car was repainted (the 3-panel is not a early-1970s style data block)…

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