Work Car Wednesday #8

ACR from Blair 020

Two photos of tool/supply car AC 10664 at Steelton Yard (Sault Ste. Marie) in the late 1990s by Blair Smith.

This car was formerly baggage car AC 207, and converted to work service as a tool and supply car for work trains after it was retired from passenger service in the 1970s.

ACR from Blair 021

3 thoughts on “Work Car Wednesday #8

  1. Are these still on the Acr or has Cn sold them off ? I remember their boom cranr car was a home build half coach half flat car.

    • CN scrapped a lot of AC equipment when they took over. I’ve been to Sault Ste. Marie a few times in the last five years and the only AC equipment still around was some of the passenger equipment, a few gondolas with track maintenance materials (one set at Steelton and one at Hawk Junction), one of the old snowplows (repainted in WC maroon) and an ex CP caboose (converted to remote control car but still in full AC lettering).

    • The boom car you’re referring to is probably actually the mobile road repair car (see link). All the boom cars I’ve seen for the light cranes were old cut down 40-48′ gondolas, and the boom car paired with the main wreck crane was a 40′ flatcar with various equipment lockers added.

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