Weyerhaeuser and Other Wrap Graphics

I was forwarded some photos and material to try to do this neat Weyerhaeuser wrap from the mid 1980s, with a red-orange section of bark and tree rings. Sadly I can’t currently find any good photos on-line in a place I can actually link to for this post, but I did get a couple of good ones to work from. It’s a pretty attractive scheme:


These two simpler Weyerhauser wraps from the 1970s-80s period were also done and added to the archive a little while back, but not highlighted in any blog post:

Weyerhauser “Shed-Pak” – ~1972
PDF | XLSXPrototype

Weyerhaeuser Building Products – ~1976-1985
PDF | XLSXPrototype

I already have one load in progress using the latter 1980s wrap.

They also join this modern (currently in use) Weyerhauser wrap that’s also been in the archive for a while, making a nice selection of period Weyerhaeuser graphics:

Weyerhaeuser – ~2004-Present
PDF | XLSXPrototype


In addition to the additional Weyerhauser material, here’s a few more new ones:

ARBEC – 2015+
PDF | XLSXPrototype

Canadian Wood Products – ~2015
PDF | XLSX – Prototype

Clermond Hamel (Saint-Ephrem-de-Beauce, QC) – ~20xx?
PDF | XLSX – Prototype

Clermond Hamel – ~2014
PDF | XLSX – Prototype

Clermond Hamel (125th Anniversary) – 2015
PDF | XLSX – Prototype

Nakina Forest Products (Nakina, ON) – ~2004
PDF | XLSX Prototype

Olav Haavaldsrud (Hornepayne, ON) – ~2015
PDF | XLSX – Prototype

I’ve also added a bit of detail to the modern Dubreuil Forest Products graphic and re-posted that one:

Dubreuil Forest Products (Dubreuilville, ON) – ~1999-2007
PDF | XLSXPrototype

As always, dates preceded with a “~” are approximated based off a small set of photographic sightings and may be applicable for a wider range than stated.

2 thoughts on “Weyerhaeuser and Other Wrap Graphics

    • Yeah.. I have a few more photos for which I’d like to at least attempt to draw something out. A lot of older ones get harder because you can’t just pull a logo off the company’s website and use that as a starting point, you actually have to start from scratch…

      For example, the Clermond-Hamel 125th Anniversary graphic took almost zero work – I found the graphic on-line, added an appropriate amount of white space to the edges of the image and pasted it into my excel file to make the wrap.

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