Freight Car Friday #73 – CPAA 89958 Model

The prototype for this car was built by Pullman-Standard in late 1962 for their Transport Leasing Company and leased to Spruce Falls Power & Paper Co. of Kapuskasing, Ontario for what appears to have been a ten-year lease. Originally numbered TLCX 1001-1075 and decorated in an attractive dark green paint scheme with large and eye-catching yellow logos for the paper company, the lease expired by the end of 1972 and by early 1973 the cars were then leased to Canadian Pacific and they were renumbered into the CPAA 89910-89980 series and had their original lettering patched out. These lasted on the CP roster until about 1987 at which point they disappeared, disposition unknown.

The model is a Kadee PS-1 boxcar that was factory decorated for Spruce Falls Power & Paper. I gave the car a basic layer of airbrush grime weathering and masked and painted over the original logos much like the prototype did and added the new numbers using MicroScale stencil decals. This should be a unique and eye-catching addition mixed in with other CP and CPAA marked boxcars for paper and pulp service via Franz.

6 thoughts on “Freight Car Friday #73 – CPAA 89958 Model

  1. Chris. This is a beautiful model of a rare prototype! I love it!

    Do you happen to have the item number for the Microscale set which you mention?


    • Nice bit of background Keith, thanks!

      Since they were built in 1962, my presumption is still that they came off a 10-year lease (from Pullman-Standard’s Transport Leasing) to Spruce Falls in 1972 when they were sold to PROCOR and leased to Canadian Pacific.

      They’re last listed on CP’s roster in 1987 equipment registers (end of 15 year lease?). Not sure on disposition.

  2. Hi Chris.
    Guessing that were sold off. I believe that they were originally included as part of Procor’s marketing initiative with Pullman which was launched in the mid 1960’s.

  3. Great info, I was wondering what to do with the same Kadee Cars I have, once I learned the Spruce Falls livery did not last long into the 1970s. What was the additional info from Freight Car Enthusiast? The link does not work, I cannot seem to find info via the group search.

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