A couple of updated modern wraps

Just added a couple of new current-day lumber wraps added to the collection.

Rayonier Advanced Materials (RYAM) is a new one on the scene in northern Ontario/Quebec. In November 2017, Tembec, which has assembled a large network of lumber and paper mills in both Ontario and Quebec announced the sale of the company to Rayonier, with the operations re-branded as Rayonier Advanced Materials, or RYAM.

Rayonier Advanced Materials – RYAM – 2018+ (was Tembec)
PDF | XLSX Prototype

The next wrap is an updated Resolute Forest Products wrap, which updated and simplified their style a bit in late 2017.

Resolute Forest Products – 2017+ (was Abitibi-Bowater)
PDF | XLSX – Prototype

Final one for now is a new wrap for a Quebec producer Chantiers Chibougamau, based in Chibougamau in northern Quebec. (Tall 3 1/2′ bundles)

Chantier Chibougamau (Chibougamau, QC) – ~2013-2017
PDF | XLSX Prototype

And of course, the entire archive of lumber load wraps can be found here:
Lumber Loads

2 thoughts on “A couple of updated modern wraps

  1. Good Morning from Tornado Alley, Oklahoma City.
    This is Boudreaux, B. C. E. RR.
    Was at a swap meet a few years ago and a member of a Lawton,OK. club had a large book of diff. decals for just $5.00. Seemed it came from an estate sale.
    Why Algoma Central decals were in it I have no idea. But got me into modeling a car.
    Really do Not have use for the rest of them. Would like to GIVE them to you, if you could use them!
    Please respond to my e-mail (bullmooselogos@earthlink.net.
    thanks for the photos.
    Boudreaux, Care giver of the Bayou Crest Express R.R.

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