The ACR in 1985

Visitors to my blog may now notice a new “The ACR in 1985” link item in the navigation menu in the page header.

I’ve just posted this new page which serves as an article and discussion on the railroad and its equipment and operations during the 1980s, which is the period that I am targeting with my modelling. It is my hope that this article provides a nice background to my modelling efforts that I am documenting on this blog.

I’ve also used this page to consolidate links to existing train number and roster information pages and I’ve also added one other new significant page/feature. Linked from the “ACR in 1985” page, is a new page listing all of the sidings/locations listed in the employee operational timetable in the mid 1980s. From this listing, I have linked to a couple of prepared articles on significant locations, covering so far Searchmont, Dubreuilville and Mead. I plan on following these up with short articles on other key locations as well, giving a detailed overview of the ACR line to use as reference as some of these articles will provide the background of the locations that I hope to model.

So, without any further ado, you can continue reading here:

The ACR in 1985

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