Tool Shed Doors and Trim


A little bit more work on these sheds this evening and the corners and door frames are all trimmed, and doors cut to fit the opening.

The doors are cut from a sheet of simple scribed siding (Evergreen “Car Siding”) to fit tightly into the door opening. The door frame is trimmed with .010x.060″ strip.

Unlike the speeder sheds, I added all of the corner trim after assembly using strip styrene. To do this somewhat balanced, I used a scale 1×4 strip (.011x.044″) first on the sides to cover the exposed edge of the front wall sheet, and a .010x.060″ strip on the front and rear ends, overlappingĀ the edge of the side strip. This makes the overall angle of the corner trim about .060″ on the front side and .055″ on the side. Close enough to appear pretty square to the eye and look just right.

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