Freight Car Friday #27 – WC 35021


One of a pair of WC flatcars at Agawa Canyon Park loaded with dumpsters on July 28, 2014. Since there is no way in or out of the park except by rail, this constitutes the waste collection and garbage service for Agawa Canyon. Prior to the CN takeover, this service had a couple of AC 2300 series cars assigned.

This car (and its twin coupled next to it) are from WC series 35000-35049, a 50 car group acquired from Kimberly-Clark in 1993. Originally built as pulpwood cars with side stakes in 1977 by National Steel Car, the stakes were removed when acquired and renumbered by Wisconsin Central.

The cars that were later acquired by WC in 1997 as AC 238500-238559 were also originally part of the same original batch of 150 Kimberly-Clark  cars (KCWX 1000-1149).