CP Woodchip Boxcar Conversions

Prototype reference photos (links open to a different web site):

CP woodchip boxcar

This kitbash of an Intermountain 40' PS-1 boxcar kit represents a car from Canadian Pacific's 269000 series rebuilt in 1968 as an open-top car for transporting woodchips. The roof was removed and sides extended for greater capacity. The custom hinged doors still need to be built.

CP woodchip boxcar

Another woodchip car representing a later conversion from the mid 1970s where the roof was removed but the sides were not extended. The roofs on these cars were simply cut away with a cutting torch with some of the roof panel seams left in place to act as braces to hold the top opening of the car together.

Woodchip car ends

End view comparison of the above two woodchip cars.