CP 48551 40' Excess Height Boxcar

This interesting car represents a standard 40' double door boxcar that was rebuilt by CP Rail to add almost 3 feet to the inside height of the car. These cars were used for appliance service out of the CAMCO plant in Hamilton, ON. There were 3 of these cars converted in the early 1970s, numbered CP 48550-48553. This car will eventually go into service on the WRMRC layout, which represents the CP transcontinental line through Sudbury, ON in the 1970s, therefore I've chosen to model this car as one of the 3 cars in the 48550 series. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of these three cars, but another 30 were converted in 1980 and numbered CP 41000-41029. I do have a few photos of cars in this series, so I am using a little bit of "modeler's license" and making an educated guess that the general details of the two series will be the same.

Here are a couple of photos of cars in the 41000-41029, used for reference in this project. (Links open to a different web site)

CP extended height boxcar CP extended height boxcar CP extended height boxcar

The above photos show the how the body of the kit has been cut and the extended section spliced in.

CP extended height boxcar CP extended height boxcar

Doors completed and the car is ready for paint. The sides, doors and ends were all spliced in different places.