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VIA Rail F40PH-2 charges through the countryside just a few miles from its destination at Sarnia, ON (actually, it has technically just entered the city limits a few moments before although the scenery at this location is strictly farmland.)
Ontario Southland Railway RS23 504 shows off the OSR's attractive maroon and cream colours as it eases back onto its train after setting off a historic wooden caboose owned by the Guelph Historical Railway Association in a little-used siding track in downtown Guelph for temporary display over the weekend.
A pair of Canadian Pacific Railway intermodal trains meet at Coakley siding in Woodstock, ON. October 2008.
VIA 6250, a very rare RDC-4 (currently the only one in service anywhere) is paired with RDC-2 6205 on VIA Rail's Sudbury-White River passenger train, seen here loading passengers and baggage at Sudbury on a clear summer day in August 2008.
Former CN 7312 hauls a spotless Strasburg Railroad tourist consist through the peacefull Amish countryside of Lancaster county Pennsylvania. April 2008.
The first of 60 Euro Cargo Rail "Class 66" (JT42CWR) locomotives, branch new from ElectroMotive Diesel in London, ON, enroute to Halifax for export to France. This photo was published along with a news item in the December 2007 issue of "The Railway Magazine" and is the first photo of one of these engines to appear in print.
Another set of four brand new Euro Cargo Rail locomotives pass through Guelph, ON on their first leg of the journey to France. In the background are five more new engines for Algeria.
A brand new GT36HCW export locomotive built by EMD in London, ON for SNTF (Société Nationale des Transports Ferroviaires) in Algeria passes through Guelph, ON.
A special train moving 7 brand new JT42CWR export locomotives for Britain, Belgium and Poland passes through Georgetown, ON. These engines were build at Electro-Motive Diesel in London, ON and will be loaded onto ships at Montreal or Halifax for the journey to Europe.
This brand new Freightliner JT42CWR "Class 66" locomotive is painted in a special paint scheme that was only applied to this one unit. This photo was published in the March 2007 issue of "The Railway Magazine", the first published photo of this unit. This engine was built in London, ON for export to Great Britain, and I caught enroute to Halifax.
This engine was one of the first new engines built for Freightliner's new startup operation in Poland (which is what the "PL" refers to). The lettering on this unit is not yet fully complete and it carries temporary builder's number tags in the cab window. This photo was also published in the March 2007 "The Railway Magazine."
Due to a derailment at Bayview Junction on January 31, 2004, several VIA Rail passenger trains were detoured through Guelph. This train met another detoured VIA train at Guelph. One of my few night shots.
"Passenger Extra 1401 South", the Canadian Pacific's luxury passenger train the "Royal Canadian Pacific" heads south from Guelph Junction towards Hamilton, ON. June 5, 2004. The Royal Canadian Pacific was on a rare-mileage excursion across Canadian Pacific's Southern Ontario rail network.
The Royal Canadian Pacific at Hamilton, ON. June 5, 2004.
As part of the rare mileage excursion, the train made an unprecendented trip up the Guelph Junction Railway into Guelph. Here it is passing through Moffat on it's way into Guelph.
The Royal Canadian Pacific passes through rural farmland in Arkell, just outside Guelph. June 5, 2004.
Engines wyed, the Royal Canadian Pacific pulls to a stop at a downtown park in Guelph. June 5, 2004.
Consecutively numbered VIA F40PH-2's 6435 and 6436 lined up nicely at Jasper, AB. August 28, 2004. 6436 is leading the "Canadian", VIA train no. 1.
Preserved CN 4-8-2 steamer 6015 at Jasper, AB.
VIA No. 6, the "Skeena", has wyed and arrived at the station at Jasper, AB. August 28, 2004.
CN C44-9W 2573 and a SD50F waiting to head east out of Jasper, AB.
CN 2438 (8-40CM) and 5375 (SD40-2) lead a westbound train past Mile 30, CN Halton Sub. September 5, 2004.
Another 8-40CM, CN 2422 and SD40-2W 5356 lead another westbound later the same afternoon.
CN GP9Rm 4118 switches cars in Brantford Yard. September 6, 2004.
Despite what the lettering on the side of the engine might suggest, this photo was not taken anywhere near Winnipeg. Former GWWD 44-tonner 100 now performs its duties shuffling cars of grain and fertilizer at the W.G. Thompson's elevator complex at Blenheim, ON.
Ontario Southland Railway M420W 646 (former BCOL 646) passes through downtown Guelph with a train of mostly empty plastic pellet cars. The consist today is a bit of a dog's breakfast, with none of the three engines actually painted in the railway's corporate colours.
OSRX RS18u 182 (ex-QGRY, ex-CP 1801). This engine was delivered to OSR just the day before, and they gave it a test spin. However, the engine was low on fuel and ran out halfway to Guelph and basically spent the entire time being pulled around by the other two working engines, RS23 506 and M420W 646. This engine has since received a complete repaint into Ontario Southland's attractive maroon and cream colour scheme.
OSRX 506, RS23, ex-CP.
Bringing up the rear - or, in this case, the front. After switching PDI, a plastic pellet rail-truck transfer facility in Guelph, Ontario Southland brought their cars up the the north end interchange with Goderich-Exeter Railway. To get there this afternoon, they pushed all the way across town, caboose leading. November 27, 2004.
CSXT GP38-2's 2570 and 2672 parked at CSX's Sarnia yard, awaiting their next assignment. February 15, 2004.
CP SD40-2 5776 and another SD40-2 parked at CSX's Sarnia Yard, April 18, 2004. The CSX Sarnia Sub has no direct connection to any other CSX trackage. CP trains bring freight for CSX from Detroit to the interchange point at Chatham, ON. At Chatham, a CSX crew takes over, but the CP engines remain on the train to run through to Sarnia.